Sentence Examples with the word Gilead

Place of sacrificial slaughter), and incidents are narrated with a very intelligible Mizpah in Gilead is the scene of a covenant places.

After the close of the Old Testament history the word Gilead seldom occurs.

It seems to have soon passed out of use as a precise geographical designation; for though occasionally mentioned by Apocryphal writers, by Josephus, and by Eusebius, the allusions are all vague, and show that those who made them had no definite knowledge of Gilead proper.

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At present Gilead south of the Jabbok alone is known by the name of Jebel Jilad (Mount Gilead), the northern portion between the Jabbok and the Yarmuk being called Jebel Ajlun.

Sori) for which Gilead was so noted (Gen.

By this invasion, as the Moabites were driven to the south of the Arnon, which formed their northern boundary from that time, so the Ammonites were driven out of Gilead across the upper waters of the Jabbok where it flows from south to north, which henceforth continued to be their western boundary (Num.

In circumstances which are not detailed, the kingdom seems to have regained its strength, and Ishbaal is credited with a reign of two years over Israel and Gilead (2 Sam.

The city named Gilead (Judg.

At the period of the Israelite conquest the portion of Gilead northward of the Jabbok (Zerka) belonged to the dominions of Og, king of Bashan, while the southern half was ruled by Sihon, king of the Amorites, having been at an earlier date wrested from Moab (Numb.

The young Saul was chosen by lot and gained unanimous recognition by delivering Jabesh in Gilead from the Ammonites.