Sentence Examples with the word Gildas

According to Gildas it was for protection against these incursions that the Britons decided to call in the Saxons.

An identical rite existed among the 12th century Cathars, and in the Celtic church of Gildas every presbyter was a Peter.

The text of Gildas founded on Gale's edition collated with two other MSS., with elaborate introductions, is included in the Monumenta historica Britannica, edited by Petrie and Sharpe (London, 1848).

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The writings of Gildas have come down to us under the title of Gildae Sapientis de excidio Britanniae liber querulus.

During his early years the Irish Church was reformed by Gildas and Finian of Clonard, and numerous monasteries were founded which made Ireland renowned as a centre of learning.

A decline in grammatical learning is exemplified in the three Latin historians of the 6th century, Jordanes, Gildas and Gregory of Tours (d.