Sentence Examples with the word Gibbons

Dean and the young man whose name was Lou Gibbons chatted about the day's ride.

Four years later (1823) Webster argued the case of Gibbons v.

Before Gibbons was out of sight, Dean slumped to the ground, with a look on his face that mirrored both of their disappointment that the man they were pursuing was now aware the two-man posse was closing in.

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They found the gear with little trouble where Gibbons had directed.

This family includes four kinds, the gibbons of S.

Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley's comparison of the church and chamber pitches of Orlando Gibbons (vide Ellis's lecture) clearly shows the minor third in Great Britain in the first half of the 17th century.

Instead I should be ashamed of myself for not telling Gibbons to be mum about our looking for the guy.

Burys edition of Gibbons Decline and Fall.

Evelyn was a generous art patron, and Grinling Gibbons was introduced by him to the notice of Charles II.

Each of these apes resembles man most in some one physical characteristic: the gibbons in the formation of the teeth, the orangs in the brain-structure, the gorillas in size, and the chimpanzees in the sigmoid flexure of the spine.