Sentence Examples with the word Germinated

The single large megaspore contained in each megasporangium produces a small prothallus, which bears one or a few archegonia; these are exposed on the surface of the prothallus at the summit of the germinated megaspore (fig.

From the germinated spore of a fern plant, which must not be Life his tory.

The spore sown at I I A.M., as shown at a, had swollen (b) perceptibly by noon, and had germinated by 3.30 P.M., as shown at c: in d at 6 P.M., and e at 8.30 P.M.; the resulting filament is segmenting into bacilli as it elongates, and at midnight (f) consisted of twelve such segments.

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The seed thus sown rapidly germinated and multiplied.

Its formal character naturally germinated in the priesthood (Herod.