Sentence Examples with the word Gerald

The domain of this countship, at first very limited in extent, continued steadily to increase in size, and about 1140 Count Gerald III.

Wright), treatises like those of John of Salisbury, Gerald of Wales, and, later, Wycliffes works, Netters Fasciculi Zizaniorum, Gascoignes Loci e libro veritatum, Pecocks Repressor, and the literary writings of Chaucer, Langland, Gower, Richard Rolle and others.

Conn O'Neill was a relative of Gerald Fitzgerald, and this event accordingly led to the formation of the Geraldine League, a federation which combined the O'Neills, the O'Donnells, the O'Briens of Thomond, and other powerful clans; the primary object of which was to restore Gerald to the earldom of Kildare, but which afterwards aimed at the complete overthrow of English rule in Ireland.

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British troops soon afterwards arrived at Suakin, and Sir Gerald Graham took the offensive.

Fortunately, Gerald and Sam had escaped.

Alex lifted his gaze from the picture and regarded Gerald reflectively.

Alex retrieved Carmen's picture from the desk and gazed at it, answering Gerald absently.

Rob and Gerald were standing beside their saddled mounts, looking proud.

As Rob crossed the foot bridge across the creek, Alex and Gerald emerged from the barn and started for the house.

She placed another clip and then glanced up to find Gerald watching her.