Sentence Examples with the word Georg

On the north-east side of the suburb of St Georg a botanical museum and laboratory have been established.

In 1697 Georg Stahl admitted that fermentation and putrefaction were analogous processes, but that the former was a particular case of the latter.

The tone of the frequency of the beats was discovered by Georg Andreas Sorge in 1740, and independently a few years later by Giuseppe Tartini, after whom it is named.

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Nevertheless, at this the eleventh hour of ter opportunities, Sweden might still have saved something from the wreck of her empire if Charles had behaved like a reasonable being (see CHARLES Peter The Great; Gortz, Georg Heinricii Von; Osterman, Andrei); but he would only consent to play off Russia against England, and his sudden death before Fredrikshald (Dec. i 1, 1718) left Sweden practically at the end of her resources and at the mercy of her enemies.

See Westphal, Geschichte der Stadt Metz (1875-1877); Georg Lang, Metz and seine Umgebungen (1883), the Statistisch-topographisches Handbuch fiir Lothringen; Albers, Geschichte der Stadt Metz (Metz, 1902); G.

After serving as a volunteer in the campaign of 1814 he went to Copenhagen to edit the posthumous papers of the Danish archaeologist Georg Zoega (1755-1809), and published his biography, Zoegas Leben (Stutt.

His other works include Der dreissigjahrige Krieg bis zum Tode Gustav Adolfs (Paderborn, 1891-1896); a revised edition of his Tilly im dreissigjdhrigen Kriege (Stuttgart, 1861); a life of George V., Kiinig Georg V.

His father, Georg Karl Benjamin Ritschl (1783-1858), became in 1810 pastor at the church of St Mary in Berlin, and from 1827 to 1854 was general superintendent and evangelical bishop of Pomerania.

On the 17th of February 1847, Abel was dismissed, for publishing his memorandum against the proposal to naturalize Lola, who was an Irishwoman; and the Protestant Georg Ludwig von Maurer took his place.

Lommel, Lord Rayleigh, Georg Wilhelm Struve); the theory of elasticity (A.