Sentence Examples with the word Geometrie

Cauchy (Paris, 1846); and the Geometrie descriptive (originating, as mentioned above, in the lessons given at the normal school).

The theorem of duality is considered and developed, but chiefly in regard to its metrical applications, by Michel Chasles in the Memoire de geometrie sur deux principes generaux de la science, la dualite et l'homographie, which forms a sequel to the Apercu historique l'origine t.

Clebsch, Theorie der bindren Algebraischen Formen (Leipzig, 1872); Vorlesungen fiber Geometrie (Leipzig, 1875); Faa de Bruno, Theorie des formes binaires (Turin, 1876); P. Gordan, Vorlesungen fiber Invariantentheorie, Bd.

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Fiedler, Die Elemente der neueren Geometrie and der Algebra der bindren Formen (Leipzig, 1862); A.

Other works of Cournot's were Traite elementaire de la theorie des fonctions et du calcul infinitesimal (1841); Exposition de la theorie des chances et des probabilLites (1843); De l'origine et des limites de la correspondance entre l'algebre et la geometrie (1847); Traite de l'enchainement des idees fondamentales dans les sciences et dans l'histoire (1861); and Revue somma.ire des doctrines economiques (1877).

Jahrhundert (1903); Chasles, A percu historique sur l'origine et le developpement des methodes en geometrie (3rd ed., 1889).

Michel Chasles in his Apercu historique sur l'origine et le de'veloppement des methodes en geometrie (1837, a third edition was published in 1889), gives a valuable account of both the ancient and modern geometry of conics; a German translation with the title Geschichte der Geometrie was published in 1839 by L.

Hultsch (Heronis Alexandrini geometricorum et stereometricorum reliquiae, 1864), the Dioptra by Vincent (Extraits des manuscrits relatifs a la geometrie pratique des Grecs, Notices et extraits des manuscrits de la Bibliotheque Imperiale, xix.

The other important works of Fontenelle are his Elements de la geometrie de l'infini (1727) and his Apologie des tourbillons (1752).

In these years he had published De la correlation des figures de geometrie (1801), Geometrie de position (1803), and Principes fondamentaux del' equilibre et du mouvement (1803), all of which were translated into German.