Sentence Examples with the word Gems

More gems swirled in the lake, seemingly at random.

Among his numerous publications the most important were a volume on the bronzes found at Olympia, vast works on ancient gems and Greek vases, and the invaluable Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture (English translation by Eugenie Strong).

Gabriel put the gems away and looked up to see her slight frame standing beside the sarcophagus.

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The aim will be to show an overall picture, not to just cherry-pick the gems which we hope will turn up.

Some fine gems of peridot, garnet and turquoise have been found.

Some of the gems had been carried by gentle waves to the edges of the lake and deposited away from the bulk of the jewels.

The green gems were caught in some sort of invisible current that ended when it reached the bank.

One of the gems touched his face.

At first being used in their natural forms, these pebbles or gems have been grouped as lenticular or bean-shaped, and glandular or of the sling-bolt pattern; later, from the 6th to the 4th century B.C., they were fashioned as scaraboids, that is, in the general form of the Egyptian scarab, but without the sculptured details of the beetle's body.

This man rode toward Balashev at a gallop, his plumes flowing and his gems and gold lace glittering in the bright June sunshine.