Sentence Examples with the word Gedichte

Sachs, Shir ha-shirim asher li-Shelomoh (Paris, 1868, incomplete); Brody, Die weltlichen Gedichte des...

Among his works on Greek literature the chief are Die schyleische Trilogie (1824, 6), Der epische Zyklus oder die Homerischen Gedichte (2 vols.

The best of his poetical writings is his Gedichte (1827; 9th ed., Berlin, 1887); but there is great merit also in his Alemannische Lieder (1826; 5th ed., 1843), Soldatenlieder (1851), Soldatenleben (1852), Rheinleben (1865), and in his Fiinfzig Kinderlieder, Fiinfzig neue Kinderlieder, and Alte and neue Kinderlieder.

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His Gedichte (1837), if anything, increased his reputation; his epics, Die Nibelungen inn Frack (1843) and Der Pfaff vom Kahlenberg (1850), are characterized by a fine ironic humour.

Meanwhile he had published his collected Gedichte (1809) and two series of lectures, Ober die neuere Geschichte (181 I) and Geschichte der alien and neuen Literatur (1815).

The important small published works are Eine Faust Overture (1839-1840; rewritten, 1855); the Siegfried Idylle (an exquisite serenade for small orchestra on themes from the finale of Siegfried, written as a surprise for Frau Wagner in 1870); the Kaisermarsch (1871), the Huldigungsmarsch (1864) for military band (the scoring of the concert-version finished by Raff); Fiinf Gedichte (1862), a set of songs containing two studies for Tristan; and the early quasi-oratorio scene for male-voice chorus and full orchestra, Das Liebesmahl der Apostel (1843).