Sentence Examples with the word Gazed

He shielded his eyes and gazed into an empty prison cell opposite his.

She gazed up at him in the dim light, summoning the courage to address a painful subject.

Carmen's attention drifted from the boys and she gazed out the bay window at the old farmhouse.

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Almost smiling, he gazed straight into her eyes with such an enraptured caressing look that it seemed strange to be so near him, to look at him like that, to be so sure he admired her, and not to be acquainted with him.

Turning her head, he lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes.

He gazed into her eyes and cupped her chin.

The words forced themselves out of her mouth and she gazed up at him with bated breath.

With ever-growing horror, and no sense of joy or relief, he gazed at what was taking place.

He gazed at her, ignoring her question.

For a moment she gazed into them and forgot about supper.