Sentence Examples with the word Gauged

For some years Natal had watched with anxiety the attitude of increasing hostility towards the British adopted by the Pretoria administration, and, with bitter remembrance of the events of 1881, gauged with accuracy the intentions of the Boers.

This cannot be gauged by the xxv.

The engineer must not decide upon the plan till he has gauged at different seasons the stream which has to supply the water, and has ascertained the rain-collecting area available, and the rainfall of the district, as well as the proportion of storable to percolating and evaporating water.

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The freight carried into and out of the lake, as gauged by the statistics gathered at the Sault Canal offices, aggregated in 1907 over 58,000,000 (short) tons.

But, though his reverence for the personal character of his prince seems to have known no bounds, he had probably gauged the strategic faculties of the saintly king, and he certainly had imbibed the spirit of the dictum that a man's first duties are those to his own house.

But we have not really gauged their significance by saying that they are spurious.

De Giers was one of the few who gauged the situation accurately.

Owing, however, to the very variable permeability of the strata, the tributaries of the Thames, when separately gauged in dry seasons, yield the most divergent results.

The value of Chitral as an outpost of British India may be best gauged by its geographical position.

He gauged the watcher to be a good distance away, close enough to see their movement and numbers but far enough not to see their armament.