Sentence Examples with the word Gath

David and his followers are found in the south of Hebron, and as they advanced northwards they encountered wondrous heroes between Gath and Jerusalem (2 Sam.

Forced to flee by the treachery of the very men whom he had succoured, he lived for a time in constant fear of being captured by Saul, and at length took refuge with Achish king of Gath and established himself in Ziklag.

Tell-es-Safy, possibly the Gath of the Old Testament, 6 m.from Eleutheropolis.

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There is a fairly continuous intercourse with external culture (Cypriote, early and late Greek), and, if Gath be identified with Tel es-Safi, Bliss and Macalister, who excavated it, found no trace of any interruption in its history.

Barnes, Chron., p. 104), it is surely difficult, on historical grounds, to reconcile David's recurring fights with the Philistines with his subsequent escape from Saul to Achish of Gath (xxvii.; already anticipated in xxi.

Xx.) and Gath were taken and sacked, the people removed, and fresh colonies were introduced.

His flight northwards to the Philistine king of Gath (xxvii.) is hardly connected with the preceding situations in xxiv.

Again, the Aramaean attack upon Israel by Hazael of Damascus leads to the capture of Gath (2 Kings xii.

It hardly lay near Gath (probably Tell es-Safi, 12 m.

One account of the Israelite invasion conceived a conquest of earlier giant inhabitants (Anakim) who survived in Gaza, Gath and Ashdod (Joshua xi.