Sentence Examples with the word Gasping

There she sat for a few moments, gasping for breath.

Jonny took a gasping breath.

She followed him out on the porch, gasping as a gust of cold wind met them.

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The words came out in a gasping sob.

More and more she leans over to the whale, while every gasping heave of the windlass is answered by a helping heave from the billows; till at last, a swift, startling snap is heard; with a great swash the ship rolls upwards and backwards from the whale, and the triumphant tackle rises into sight dragging after it the disengaged semicircular end of the first strip of blubber.

She hit the ground like a sack of grain and scrambled away from him, gasping for air and rubbing her neck.

Some twenty men of the Sixth Company who were on their way into the village joined the haulers, and the wattle wall, which was about thirty- five feet long and seven feet high, moved forward along the village street, swaying, pressing upon and cutting the shoulders of the gasping men.

She threw the covers back and rolled out of bed, gasping when her bare feet hit the cold floor.

Carmen made it to the telephone on the sixth ring, gasping for breath as she picked up the receiver.

Deidre ran her hands over the clothing in the wardrobe, gasping at the sensations.