Sentence Examples with the word Garnet

Other minerals found in various places of Bohemia are copper, sulphur, cobalt, alum, nickel, arsenic and various sorts of precious stone, like the Bohemian garnet (pyrope), and building stone.

There is now no reasonable doubt that he and other Jesuits were legally accessories, and that the condemnation of Garnet as a traitor was substantially just (see Garnet, Henry).

Soapstone is quarried in Montgomery and Northampton counties, phosphate rock, in Juniata county; rocks from which mineral paints are made, in several counties, and there is some garnet in Delaware county.

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Zircon, tourmaline, garnet and other precious stones of little commercial value are found throughout Australia.

That the Jesuits were the instigators of the plot there is no evidence, but they were in close touch with the conspirators, of whose designs Garnet had a general knowledge.

Some fine gems of peridot, garnet and turquoise have been found.

Measures were taken for the defence of the territory and the punishment of the assailants, which culminated in the despatch of Sir Garnet (afterwards Viscount) Wolseley as British administrator, 800,000 being voted by parliament for the expenses of the expedition.

The Liassic beds are often metamorphosed and the limestones contain garnet and wollastonite.

It was not till the 4th of December, however, that Garnet and Greenway were, by the confession of Bates, implicated in the plot; and on the same day Garnet removed from Coughton to Hindlip Hall, near Worcester, a house furnished with cleverlycontrived hiding-places for the use of the proscribed priests.

In 1602 Garnet received briefs from Pope Clement VIII.