Sentence Examples with the word Gard

In the rearing of silk-worms, Ardeche ranks second to Gard among French departments, and great numbers of mulberry trees are grown for the purposes of this industry.

In the south the Orb, the Herault and the Vidourle are independent rivers flowing to the Golfe du Lion; farther north, the Gard - formed by the union of several streams named Gardon - the Ceze and the Ardeche flow to the Rhone.

When the Revolution began he became leader of the Jacobin party in Besancon, and when a regiment of volunteers of the department of the Gard marched through the city he was elected lieutenant-colonel.

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The Am, the, Sane (which rises in the Faucilles and in the lower part of its course skirting the regions of Bresse and Dombes, receives the Doubs and joins the Rhone at Lyons), the Ardche and the Gard are the affluents on the right; on the left it is joined by the Arve, the Isre, the Drme and the Durance.

The mulberry grows in the valleys of the Rhne and its tributaries, the lsre, the Drme, the Ardche, the Gard and the Durance, and also along the coast of the Mediterranean.

AIGUES MORTES, a town of south-eastern France, in the department of Gard 25 m.