Sentence Examples with the word Gaped

She gaped up at him and then snapped her jaws shut.

The bag she.d started to pack still gaped open, half-full on the trunk at the base of her bed.

Her entire thought train derailed as she gaped at the man beside Katie.

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He gaped at her, his face a mask of shock.

The other guests, standing nearby, gaped in utter shock.

He was serious, and she gaped at him.

Floating on the waves we saw the abandoned boat, as for one instant it tossed and gaped beneath the ship's bows like a chip at the base of a cataract; and then the vast hull rolled over it, and it was seen no more till it came up weltering astern.

The newborn gaped at him.

She gaped at him as he set the cat and the box down.

She stopped and sniffed the air, then gaped at his glass.