Sentence Examples with the word Gans

D-Mannose, first prepared by oxidizing d-mannite, found in plants and manna-ash (Fraxinus ornus), was obtained by Tollens and Gans on hydrolysing cellulose and by Reis from seminine (reserve cellulose), found in certain plant seeds, e.g.

The Lectures on the Philosophy of History, edited by Gans and subsequently by Karl Hegel, is the most popular of Hegel's works.

Edward Gans (q.v.) and Heinrich Gustav Hotho carried the method into special spheres of inquiry.

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One of the last literary undertakings in which he took part was the establishment of the Berlin Jahrbiicher fiir wissenschaftliche Kritih, in which he assisted Edward Gans and Varnhagen von Ense.

In Germany David Gans wrote on astronomy, and also the historical work Zemah David (Prag, 1592).

On the other hand Mendelssohn by his pragmatic conception of religion (specially in his Jerusalem) weakened the belief of certain minds in the absolute truth of Judaism, and thus his own grandchildren (including the famous musician Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) as well as later Heine, Borne, Gans and Neander, embraced Christianity.