Sentence Examples with the word Galleries

From the entrance, is joined by winding passages, with spacious galleries on different levels; and, although the diameter of the area of the whole cavern is less than io m., the conbined length of all accessible avenues is supposed to be about i m.

Unfortunately, before these archives could be removed, the galleries containing them were rifled by the Arabs, and large numbers of the tablets were sold to antiquity dealers, by whom they have been scattered all over Europe and America.

Under the acts not only public libraries, but also public museums, schools for science, art galleries and schools for art, with the necessary buildings, furniture, fittings and conveniences, may be provided for the inhabitants of the district.

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When the original area had been mined in this way as far as was consistent with stability, a second storey of galleries was begun at a lower level, reached by a new staircase.

These royal sepulchres are long galleries excavated in the rock with chambers at intervals: in one of the innermost chambers was laid the body in its sarcophagus.

Another unfrequent mode of interment was in graves like those of modern times, dug in the floor of the galleries (Marchi, u.s., ta y.

Architecture has restored many of the larger churches from their disfigurement by partition walls and galleries - though much still remains to be done in this way - and has erected new churches of a style favourable to devotion.

In 1904 Dr Carton and the abbe Leynaud discovered huge Christian catacombs with several miles of subterranean galleries to which access is obtained by a small vaulted chamber.

And has fourteen stories and seven tiers of windows, but has unfortunately been stripped of its galleries and otherwise damaged.

High) has been clumsily fitted up with pews and galleries for Protestant worship, so that the effect of its slender columns is spoilt.