Sentence Examples with the word Gallego

Galician.Almost all the phonetic feattires which distinguish Portuguese from Castilian are possessed by Gallego also.

If a contemporary grammarian, Saco Area, is to be trusted, Gallego would form an absolute exception to the law of Spanish accentuation in the imperfect and pluperfect indicative: falabdmos, falabddes; batidmos, batiddes; pididmos, p-ididdes; and falardrnos, falarddes; baterdmos, baterddes; pidirdmos, pidirddes.

In conjugation the peculiarities of Gallego are more marked; some find their explanation within the dialect itself, others seem to be due to Castilian influence.

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The Ebro is the principal river, and receives from the north, in its passage through the province, the Arba, the Gallego and the united waters of the Cinca, Esera, Noguera Ribagorzana, Noguera Pallaresa and Segre - the last three belonging to Catalonia.

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