Sentence Examples with the word Galla

The inhabitants are, on the north side of the Gulf of Tajura, chiefly Danakils (Afars, q.v.); on the southern shore Galla and Somali.

Pier Crisologo in the archiepiscopal palace preserves its original mosaics, and so also does the tomb of Galla Placidia (SS.

Die materielle Cultur der Dandkil, Galla and Somal, vol.

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Of more recent origin are the ruins known as Galla graves (Taalla Galla).

Giovanni Evangelista, erected by Galla Placidia in fulfilment of a vow made on her voyage from Constantinople, has been entirely rebuilt, though the columns are ancient (the Corinthian capitals are probably from a classical building), and the crypt may be original.

In parts of Galla land.

He disembarked on the coast of Mombasa, and attempted to reach his destination through the Galla country, but was forced to return.

Lieka, the largest market in Galla land, has direct communications with Gojam, Shoa and other parts of the empire.

Attacked by Galla and Captain Bottego was killed.

These tablelands and mountains constitute Abyssinia, Shoa, Kaffa and Galla land.