Sentence Examples with the word Gabe

His eyes went from Gabe to the paper in front of him.

With a last look at the Oracle, Gabe trailed.

Rhyn was trying to be casual about it, but the half-demon had never asked Gabe for anything and was incapable of subtlety.

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While not surprised past-Death had taken this man to her bed as well, Gabe was surprised he'd folded so quickly to Darkyn's offer of spying in return for a guaranteed trip to the underworld.

I'm going to pick up more compasses from Tamer, Gabe said.

The deity managing the Future was wise in the way of an ancient immortal that had seen everything since the time-before-time, yet laid back and friendly, two traits Gabe didn't expect.

Satisfied someone got his humor when none of the death-dealers did, Gabe grew thoughtful.

You're welcome for convincing Gabe not to knock down the rest of your walls to get to this one.

Past-Death took Kris, Gabe summarized.

You made Kris and Gabe trade their souls for Katie and baby's then you quit.