Sentence Examples with the word GRANDer

He imparted to the title a grander significance out of the riches of his personality.

London south of the Thames has none of the grander characteristics of the wealthy districts to the north.

Tannhauser is on a grander scale, but its musical execution is disappointing.

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The rest of the pro-Roman party were forced or persuaded to join the rebels and prepared for war on a grander scale.

Neumayr was the first to attempt to restore the grander earth outlines of the earth as a whole in Jurassic times.

The war of 1672-78, the first of the three great wars of Louis XIV., was fought on a grander scale.

The success at the bridge of Lodi (loth of May) seems first to have inspired in the young general dreams of a grander career than that of a successful general of the Revolution; while his narrow escape at the bridge of Arcola in November strengthened his conviction that he was destined for a great future.

There was thus no grander lineage in China than that of Confucius; and on all his progenitors, since the throne of Shang passed from their line, with perhaps one exception, he could look back with complacency.

Far higher and grander than the Coast Range, the Sierra is much less complicated, being indeed essentially one chain of great simplicity of structure.

The grander features of the relief of the lithosphere or stony crust of the earth control the distribution of the hydrosphere or collected waters which gather into the hollows, filling them up to a height corresponding to the volume, and thus producing the important practical division of the surface into land and water.