Sentence Examples with the word GENERALE

The Englishman Henry Holden (see above), the Frenchman Veronius (Francois Veron, S.J., 1575-1649) in his Regle generale de la foy catholique (1652), the German Philipp Neri Chrismann,' in his Regula fidei catholicae et collectio dogmatism credendorum (1792),2 all work at this task.

See Dom Vaissete, Histoire generale de Languedoc, ed.

This discovery was followed by that of the calculus of partial differences, the first trials of which were published in his Reflexion sur la cause generale des vents (1747).

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The elevation includes (i) the gently swelling rise which separates 1 Carte generale bathymetrique des oceans dressee par ordre de S.A.S.

He published in 1551 Regola generale per sollevare ogni affondata nave, intitolata la Travagliata Invenzione (an allusion to his personal troubles at Brescia), setting forth a method for raising sunken ships, and describing the diving-bell, then little known in western Europe.

Science: Archives internationales de physiologic (1902), published by Leon Fredericq; La Cellule, recueil de cytologic et d'histologie generale (1884); Le Museon (1882); Le Mouvement geographique (1884); Le Musee belge (1897) Revue chirurgicale belge et du nord de la France (1901).

Aubery, Histoire generale des cardinaux (Paris, 1642).

Sayous, Histoire generale des Hongrois (2 vols., Budapest, 1st ed., 1876, 2nd ed., ib.

Historically it is null; logically it is full of gaping flaws, practically its manipulations of the volonte de tous and the volonte generale are clearly insufficient to obviate anarchy.

Of the Histoire generale of Lavisse and Rambaud should be consulted.