Sentence Examples with the word GAINS

As Saul loses the divine favour, David's position advances until, after the death of Saul and the overthrow of Israel, he gains the allegiance of a disorganized people (r Sam.

The total gains of all his strenuous endeavours amounted to the acquisition of a few places on the borders of Montferrat.

Great pains, small gains for those who ask the world to solve them; it cannot solve itself.

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The Orange Free State line, after leaving Ladysmith, ascends by steep gradients the whole of its own course in Natal territory, and when it gains the summit at Van Reenen's Pass it is 5500 ft.

Probably there is a breakdown of the wave somewhat like the breaking of a water-wave when the crest gains on the next trough.

Its width, at its bifurcation with the Orinoco, is approximately 300 ft., with a current towards the Negro of three-quarters of a mile an hour; but as it gains in volume from the very numerous tributary streams, large and small, which it receives en route, its velocity increases, and in the wet season reaches 5 and even 8 m.

All are struck by the justness of his views, but no one undertakes to carry them out, so he takes a regiment, a division-stipulates that no one is to interfere with his arrangements--leads his division to the decisive point, and gains the victory alone.

Ptolemy Lagi gains possession of Palestine, which, with short interruptions, continues in the hands of the Ptolemies till 198.

On the whole the air S within ABCD neither gains nor g D loses momentum, so that on the whole it receives as much through AB as it gives up to CD.

The gains of such a change are enormous.