Sentence Examples with the word Fuse

Clerk Maxwell and George Chrystal that Ohm's law is true, within the limits of experimental error, even when the currents are so powerful as almost to fuse the conducting wire.

In these cases we should expect to find some reduced process of fertilization similar to that of Humaria granulata among the ordinary Ascomycetes, where in the absence of the antheridia the female nuclei fuse in pairs.

In rare cases the right and left preacetabular blades fuse with each other above the spinous processes.

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The furnaces are driven to a white heat in order to fuse the mixture and expel bubbles of gas and air.

In the adult Apoda these arches and the hyoid fuse into three transverse, curved or angular bones (see fig.

In the development of the ascus we find two nuclei at the base which fuse together to form the single nucleus of the young ascus.

As with other plants, so in fungi the essential process of fertilization consists in the fusion of two nuclei, but owing to the absence of well-marked sexual organs from many fungi, a peculiar interest attaches to certain nuclear fusions in the vegetative cells or in young spores of many forms. Thus in Ustilagineae the chlamydospores, and in Uredineae the teleutospores, each contain two nuclei when young, which fuse as the spores mature.

In other cases the two nuclei place themselves side by side, the nuclear membrane between them disappears, and the contents fuse togethernuclear thread with nuclear thread, and nucleolus with nucleolusso completely that the separate constituents of the nuclei are not visible.

These three elements - trichogyne, trichophoric cell, and carpogenic cell - are regarded as the procarp. The spermatia have been shown by Thaxter to fuse with the trichogyne, after which the axial cell below (carpogenic cell) undergoes divisions, and ultimately forms asci containing ascospores, while cells investing this form a perithecium, the whole structure reminding us essentially of the fructification of a Pyrenomycete.

Further, at an early stage of development the fibula is a complete and separate bone, while the three metatarsals, which subsequently fuse together to form the cannon-bone, are likewise separate.