Sentence Examples with the word Fumbled

She gave a startled squeal and fumbled on the unsteady ladder.

She fumbled to cross her fat sausage legs.

Xander slid into the passenger seat, and Jessi fumbled with the seat controls until she was satisfied.

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Lana fumbled with her harness and yanked it free, slogging through the rising water.

Even his fingertips felt soft and warm as they pushed the straps from her shoulders and fumbled with the buttons on the front of her dress.

Going to his heavy grego, or wrapall, or dreadnaught, which he had previously hung on a chair, he fumbled in the pockets, and produced at length a curious little deformed image with a hunch on its back, and exactly the colour of a three days' old Congo baby.

His hands shook as he fumbled to lace his boots.

Her hands fumbled with the keys three times before she managed to unlock the door.

They communed together in a low voice for some time, till the burgomaster, succumbing to the influence of his potations, fumbled his way to his carriage with the assistance of some of his civic colleagues.

He fumbled with the backpack, dumping out the contents.