Sentence Examples with the word Fulfilling

During the summer season, however (from May to July), when drones are abundant, the loss of a queen is of comparatively little moment, as the workers can transform eggs (or young larvae not more than three days old), which would in the ordinary course produce worker bees, into fully-developed queens, capable of fulfilling all the maternal duties of a mother-bee.

Maybe it was his way of fulfilling his end of the bargain she'd refused by making sure she had a place to stay.

A good many transactions on the Manchester Exchange are intermediate, without fulfilling any useful function, and could be accomplished by the principals if they were brought together.

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Accordingly, some years after the fall of Jerusalem - we cannot tell the exact date or the author's name - the book which we call the Gospel according to St Matthew was written to give the Palestinian Christians a of St full account of Jesus Christ, which should present Him as the promised Messiah, fulfilling the ancient Hebrew prophecies, proclaiming the kingdom of heaven, and founding the Christian society.

Neither France nor Austria had any conception of the necessity of fulfilling these requirements.

The problems to be solved were the frontier difficulty with Argentina, the question of the possession of Tacna and Arica with Peru, and the necessity of fulfilling the obligation contracted with Bolivia to give that country a seaport on the Pacific coast.

Berenice, who was fulfilling a Nazarite vow, interposed in vain.

F, He had been working hard at Greek, of which he now felt himself master, at the Fathers (above all at Jerome), and at the Epistles of St Paul, fulfilling the promise made to Colet in Oxford, to give himself to sacred learning.

The roots are prevented from fulfilling their function of taking up water and salts from the soil; the leaves accordingly droop, and the whole plant wilts and in bad attacks dies.

God in nature as well as history is fulfilling a redemptive as well as perfective purpose, of which these miracles are appropriate signs.