Sentence Examples with the word Fu

Leaving the west gate of the city two roads lead to Lan-chow Fu, from which town begins the great high road into Central Asia by way of Lian-chow Fu, Kan-chow Fu and Su-chow to Hami, where it forks into two branches which follow respectively the northern and southern foot of the Tian-shan range, and are known as the Tian-shan pei lu and the Tian-shan nan lu.

Tea from Pu-erh Fu in S.

The ancient trade road to Canton, which connects Yun-nan Fu with Pai-se Fu, in Kwang-si, on the Canton West River, a land journey which occupies about twenty days.

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Northeastern Tibet or Amdo, and also a portion of Khamdo, are under the supervision of a high official (Manchu) residing at Sining Fu in Kansuh, whose title is Imperial Controller-General of Koko Nor.

It was to Si-gan Fu that the emperor and dowager empress retreated on the capture of Peking by the allied armies in August 190o; and it was once again constituted the capital of the empire until the following spring when the court returned to Peking, after the conclusion of peace.

Yun-nan Fu is connected by railway (1910) with Tongking.

One road crosses the mountains to Shang Chow, and on to the Tan river, an affluent of the Han-kiang, and is thus connected with the trade of the Yangtsze-kiang; and another leads to Han-chung Fu and Sze-ch'uen.

And later on says Prous fu et de mult grant mesure, D'orgoil et de forfait n'ot qure Plus vaut faire qu'il ne dist Et plus doner qu'il ne pramist (Io.

Eornustlice gebiddao eow ous; Faeder ure fu fe eart on heofonum; si fain nama gehalgod (to) to-becume f,in rice; gewurf)e oin Willa on eor6an swa swa on heofonum.

Occupying a position, then, at the confluence of the roads which connect northeastern China with its western and south-western portions, Si-gan Fu is a city of great commercial importance.