Sentence Examples with the word Fruit trees

The fruit trees commonly cultivated are the peach, apricot, apple, orange, lemon, pear, fig and plum.

The soil is very fertile; wheat, Indian corn, olives, vines, fruit trees of many kinds cover both the plain and the surrounding hills; the chief non-fruit-bearing trees are the stone pine, the cypress, the ilex and the poplar, while many other varieties are represented.

All fruit trees should be gone over for borers before cold weather sets in; they also should have been gone over for the same purpose in May and June.

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A few mulberry and fruit trees grow, but no olives.

The thorough ripening of the preceding season's wood in fruit trees and flowering plants, and of the crown in perennial herbs like strawberries, and the cessation of all active growth before the time they are to start into a new growth, are of paramount importance.

It started with Crocus and Jonquils and then the fruit trees as the weather grew warmer.

Of these the apple and the pear are now very inferior in Corfu; the others thrive well and are accompanied by all the fruit trees known in southern Europe, with addition of the Japanese medlar (or loquat), and, in some spots, of the banana.

Mulch and water fruit trees and strawberries in dry weather, desisting when the fruit begins to ripen.

These villages, built in oases dotted over the desert, nestle in groves of datepalms and fruit trees and waving fields of barley.

The principal fruit trees are the duri-an, mangosteen, custard-apple, pomegranate,.