Sentence Examples with the word Froze

Her heart slowed, and she froze inside the doorway.

He froze again and looked at her hard then shrugged.

She froze when she saw the disaster that was her apartment.

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She froze at the faint voice, unable to determine if it was the demon who spoke.

Surprised, she froze when she felt the knife against her cheek.

By the time the army reached the little Ukrainian fortress of Hadjacz in January 1709, wine and spirits froze into solid masses of ice; birds on the wing fell dead; saliva congealed on its passage from the mouth to the ground.

Lana froze for a moment then started forward jerkily.

In 1845 Walden froze entirely over for the first time on the night of the 22d of December, Flint's and other shallower ponds and the river having been frozen ten days or more; in '46, the 16th; in '49, about the 31st; and in '50, about the 27th of December; in '52, the 5th of January; in '53, the 31st of December.

Past-Death froze at the door.

The frost in her voice froze Fitzgerald in place, his mouth agape.