Sentence Examples with the word Fritz

This section comprises Darwin's Apoda, the footless, Lilljeborg's Suctoria, called by Fritz Muller the Rhizocephala or rootlet-headed, and the group to which Lacaze-Duthiers gave the alternative names Ascothoracida, sac-bodied or Rhizothoracida, rootlet-bodied.

They appear to have followed the account given by Padre Fritz which has since been found incorrect.

The former was first deciphered and described by Dr Fritz Krebs, the latter by Dr K.

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Davis watched with some apprehension, but Fritz and Royce were doubling over with laughter.

The most important work in this direction has been done by Fritz Muller (Filr Darwin), by Herman Muller (Fertilization of Plants by Insects), Grade b.

The mines were visited some years ago by Dr Fritz Noetling, and the mineral has been described by Dr Otto Helm.

Nothing made the hours pass faster than a lively discussion, and Fritz was always fair game.

By Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Wieland, Immermann, Fritz Reuter, Morike, Otto Ludwig and others, was opened.

No stalk .1 has been seen by Simroth or Fritz Muller, but in other respects the larva r 2 resembles the stages in the development of Megathyris p and Terebratulina which immediately precede fixation.

Noteworthy are also the Klemda, a small castle dating from 1260; the Lutherhaus, in which the reformer stayed with the Cotta family in 1498; the house in which Sebastian Bach was born, and that (now a museum) in which Fritz Reuter lived (1863-1874).