Sentence Examples with the word Friedrich Wilhelm

Forster's principal works are: Beitrage zur neueren Kriegsgeschichte (Berlin, 1816); Grundziige der Geschichte des preussischen Staates (Berlin, 1818); Der Feldmarschall Blucher and seine Umgebungen (Leipzig, 1820); Friedrich der Grosse, Jugendjahre, Bildung and Geist (Berlin, 1822); Albrecht von Wallenstein (Potsdam, 1834); Friedrich Wilhelm I., Konig von Preussen (Potsdam, 1834-1835); Die Hofe and Kabinette Europas im 18.

HEINRICH FRIEDRICH WILHELM GESENIUS (1786-1842), German orientalist and biblical critic, was born at Nordhausen, Hanover, on the 3rd of February 1786.

It is connected with the Oder by the Friedrich Wilhelm or Miillrose Canal made in 1862-1868, which is 17 m.

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These functions are named after Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, who in 1817 introduced them in an investigation on Kepler's Problem.

He founded at Dresden the first Mortgage Insurance Society (Hypotheken-Versicherungsgesellschaft), and as a result of the success of his work was summoned in 1860 to Berlin as director of the statistical department, in succession to Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Dieterici (1790-1859).

JOHANN FRIEDRICH WILHELM ADOLF VON BAEYER (1835-), German chemist, was born at Berlin on the 31st of October 1835, his father being Johann Jacob von Baeyer (1794-1885), chief of the Berlin Geodetical Institute from 1870.

The Friedrich Wilhelm University, although young in point of foundation, has long outstripped its great rival Leipzig in numbers, and can point with pride to the fact that its teaching staff has yielded to none in the number of illustrious names.

NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH WILHELM (1844-1900), German philosopher, was the son of the pastor at Recken, near Leipzig, where he was born on 15th October 1844.

Hahn, Friedrich Wilhelm III.

Rachfahl, Deutschland, Konig Friedrich Wilhelm IV.