Sentence Examples with the word Frequencies

Experiments, which will be described most conveniently when we discuss methods of determining the frequencies of sources, prove conclusively that for a given note the frequency is the same whatever the source of that note, and that the ratio of the frequencies of two notes forming a given musical interval is the same in whatever part of the musical range the two notes are situated.

If two such flames are placed one under the other they may be excited by different sources, and the ratio of the frequencies may be approximately determined by counting the number of teeth in each in the same space.

Distribution of Frequencies in Line Spectra.

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Some corroboration of the simple law was apparently found by Johnstone Stoney, who first noted that the frequencies of three out of the four visible hydrogen lines are in the ratios 20: 27: 32.

Deslandres,s who found that the successive differences in the frequencies formed an arithmetical progression.

The association of high auroral and sun-spot frequencies shown in Table V.

The careful measurements of Kayser and Runge of the carbon bands show that the successive differences in the frequencies do (1900), I, p. 399.

The method ensures that the two frequencies shall be exactly the same.

If, in this latter case, the proportion of cases in which b is B to cases in which b is not-B is the same for the group of pN individuals in which a is A as for the group of (I-p)N in which a is not-A, then the frequencies of A and of B are said to be independent; if this is not the case they are said to be correlated.

The method of counting frequencies was fairly alike, at least in the case of A and B, but in comparing the different stations the data should be regarded as relative rather than absolute.