Sentence Examples with the word Freiherr

Heinrich Wilhelm August, Freiherr von Gagern (1799-1880), the third son, was born at Bayreuth on the 20th of August 1 799, educated at the military academy at Munich, and, as an officer in the service of the duke of Nassau, fought at Waterloo.

Such radical changes naturally produced a great deal of ' See Friedrich Adelung, Siegmund Freiherr von Herberstein, mit besonderer Riicksicht auf seine Reisen in Russland geschildert.

The lordship was bought from them in 1628 by the Freiherr von Thun, by whose descendants, the Counts Thun, it is still held.

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It was recognized and protected first in Bavaria, thanks to the minister Freiherr Johann von Lutz, then in Saxony, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia, where it was the pretext for, if not the cause of, the Kulturkampf, and finally in Switzerland, especially at Geneva.

A fortunate accident which brought him under the notice of a neighbouring nobleman, Freiherr von Miltitz, was the means of procuring him a more excellent education than his father's circumstances would have allowed.

CHRISTOPH BERNHARD GALEN, FREIHERR VON (1606-1678), prince bishop of Miinster, belonged to a noble Westphalian family, and was born on the 12th of October 1606.

Bismarck had to come to an agreement with one party or the other; he chose the Centre, probably for the reason that the National Liberals were themselves divided on the policy to be pursued, and therefore their support would be uncertain; and he accepted an amendment, the celebrated Franckenstein Clause, proposed by Georg Arbogast Freiherr von Franckenstein (1825-1890), one of the leaders of the Centre, by which all proceeds of custQms and the tax on tobacco above 130 million marks should be paid over to the individual states in proportion to their population.

Her daughter Caroline married Riidiger, Freiherr von Stillfried Ratenic, in 1805.

Many concessions were made to the popular will, but during the subsequent reaction these were withdrawn, and the period between 1850 and 1871, when Karl Friedrich Reinhard, Freiherr von Dalwigk (1802-1880), was chiefly responsible for the government of HesseDarmstadt, was one of repression, although some benefits were conferred upon the people.

The first member of the family to emerge definitely into history was Ferencz Zerhazy (1563-1594), vice lord-lieutenant of the county of Pressburg, who took the name of Esterhazy when he was created Freiherr of Galantha, an estate acquired by the family in 1421.