Sentence Examples with the word Freighting

St Joseph, Leavenworth and Nebraska City (q.v.) were the great freighting terminals of the West.

The city throve on the freighting trade of the mines.

Until well into the 'sixties freighting across the plains was a great business.

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In1906-1907an active campaign was begun at Kansas City for improving the channel of the Missouri and stimulating river freighting below that point.

In nothing except the freighting of bulky and imperishable products, like cotton, coal and cereals, was the river ever able to contest the monopoly of the railways.

The Missouri, following the river valleys and the freighting routes.

A road over the Ute Pass to South Park and Leadville was built, and at one time about 12,000 horses and mules were employed in freighting to the Leadville camps.

Lexington succeeded Sibley as the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe trade, and was in turn displaced by Independence; it long owed its prosperity to the freighting trade up the Missouri, and at the opening of the Civil War it was the most important river town between St Louis and St Joseph and commanded the approach by water to Fort Leavenworth.

Trade was largely confined to the rivers and freighting for Sante Fe and Salt Lake before the war, but the first railway entered the state in 1853.

Sitka, Juneau (the capital) and Douglas, both centres of a rich mining district, Skagway, shipping point for freight for the Klondike country (see these titles), and St Michael, the ocean port for freighting up the Yukon, are the only towns apparently assured of a prosperous future.