Sentence Examples with the word Frederik

SaXO, Gesta Danorum (Strassburg, 1886); Repertorium diplomaticum regni Danici mediaevalis (Copenhagen, 1894); Ludvig Holberg, Konge og Danehof (Copenhagen, 18 95); Poul Frederik Barford, Danmarks Historic 1319-1536 (Copenhagen, 1885); ib.

Another principal member of the school was Karl Frederik Dahlgren (q.v.; 1791-1844), a humorist who owed much to the example of Bellman.

In Joachim Frederik Schouw (1789-1852), Denmark produced a very eminent botanist, author of an exhaustive Geography of Plants.

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Nielsen and the veteran P. Frederik Barfod (1811-1896).

Martin Frederik Arendt (1773-1823), the botanist and archaeologist, did much for the study of old Scandinavian records.

Other writers whose names connect the age of romanticism with a later period were Meyer Aron Goldschmidt (1819-1887), author of novels and tales; Herman Frederik Ewald (1821-1908), who wrote a long series of historical novels; Jens Christian Hostrup (1818-1892), a writer of exquisite comedies; and the miscellaneous writer Erik Biigh (1822-1899).

Carl Frederik Bricka and Julius Albert Fridericia (Copenhagen, 1878); Danmarks Riges Historie, vol.