Sentence Examples with the word Fred

If any dreams disturbed his much-needed slumber, he had no recollection of them when Fred tapped on his door telling him to rise and shine.

That would take some research by Fred and his stalwarts, if Dean could figure a way to distance that investigation from Fred's court-dictated jury duty restrictions.

It was a rare event for Fred to speak of his past, especially when it sounded like a hint of the truth.

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When Fred and Cynthia emerged from listening, they joined him on the porch.

The County Library would open soon and after Fred left, Dean would have his chance to snoop undisturbed at the hundred-year-old booklet.

Claire had informed Fred she and Effie would be leaving Tuesday.

He knew Fred would be waiting up for him, but decided to let the old man cool his heels, punishment enough for setting up the evening's activity on the sly.

Dean didn't stop to answer as he broke into a jog with Fred hustling to keep up.

Joseph stormed by Dean and Fred without a word, but Ginger lingered to finish her cigarette.

Lately, Fred had expanded his electronic rummage sale, advertising himself as a local resource for anyone seeking ancestral information in Ouray County.