Sentence Examples with the word Freaked

Kiera just freaked out with bad news.

I just got freaked out.

Most Guardians freaked out when he spoke to them.

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You didn't answer me the other night when I asked you why the accident freaked you out so much.

Furious and freaked out, she grabbed her purse and strode out the front door, just as Xander came into sight through the glass doors from the direction of the beach.

I've lived with the idea of dying for so long, I'm kinda freaked out by the alternative, she admitted.

We were going to confirm, but he freaked out.

She'd been freaked out by the in-between place and wanted him to wait until they reached their destination before he had a chance to panic.

Even she was freaked out by how close they were.

It freaked out Donnie.