Sentence Examples with the word Fratricidal

But under the fratricidal wars of Timur's sons the separate khanates fell back under the independent rule of various Uzbeg chiefs.

Although Ferdinand had grown in power by a fratricidal strife with Bermudo of Leon, and though at a later date he defeated and killed his brother Garcia of Navarre, he ranks high among the kings of Spain who have been counted religious.

As yet he had preached his Gospel without saying much about corruptions in the Roman Church, and it was his political denunciation of the fratricidal wars into which the pope, not less than others, was drawing his fellow-countrymen, that first led to rupture with the papal see.

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The fratricidal murderer and successor of Theodoric, Euric (466485) followed his brothers policy in Spain.

This was finally achieved, after a hideous story of fratricidal hatred and murder by poison, by Peter IV.

Shah Jahan had four sons, whose fratricidal wars for the succession during their father's lifetime it would be tedious to dwell upon.

At the close of his life King James divided his states between his sons by Yolande of Hungary, Pedro and James, leaving the Spanish possessions on the mainland to the first, the Balearic Islands and the lordship of Montpellier to the second - a division which inevitably produced fratricidal conflicts.

The second attained, after much fratricidal strife, to the foundation of a kingdom and of institutions.

Navarre, indeed, which had been united with Aragon since the fratricidal murder of its king Sancho in 1076, preferred to remain independent under a new ruler of its choice.

This had hardly been established before it became distracted by the fratricidal strife of its adherents, from September 22, 1792, to the 18th Fructidor (September 4, 1797).