Sentence Examples with the word Francia

In 843, by the treaty of Verdun, it became part of Lotharingia (Lorraine), and in 879 was annexed to the kingdom of East Francia (Germany) by the treaty of Meerssen.

If we may trust Vasari - but it is difficult to suppose that he was entirely correct - the exceeding value which Francia set on Raphael's art brought him to his grave.

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C. Williamson, Francia (1900).

The printing of the Istoria delle guerre civili di Francia was, however, completed, and the success and sale of the work were immediate and enormous.

This country, north of the Main and the first residence of the Franks, then received the name of Francia Orientalis, and became the origin of one of the duchies into which Germany was divided in the Toth century - the duchy of Franconia (Franken).

Bentivoglio in tempo delle sue Nunziature di Fiandria e di Francia (Cologne, 1630); Lettere diplomatiche di Guido Bentivoglio (Brussels, 1631, frequently reprinted, best edition by L.

Lorenzo Costa was much associated with Francia in pictorial work.

The districts between Neustria and Austrasia were called Media Francia or simply Francia.

The six territories which we have signalized - Ireland, Western Scotland, England, the three in West Francia which merge into each other by the end of the 9th century - do not comprise the whole field of viking raids or attempted invasion.