Sentence Examples with the word Frances

On the 25th of April 1650, he married Lady Frances Cecil, sister of the earl of Essex, his first wife having died in the previous year leaving no family.

Moreover, the states were never really general; those of the Langue doc and the Langue doil sometimes acted together; but there was never a common understanding between them and always two Frances within the kingdom.

Engaged already in both Canada and in India (where Dupleix was founding an empire with a mere handful of men), it was to Frances interest not to become involved in war upon the Rhine, thus falling into Englands continental trap. She did fall into it, however: for the sake of conquering Silesia for the king of Prussia, Canada was left exposed by the capture of Cape Breton; while in order to restore this same Silesia to Maria Theresa, Canada was lost and with it India.

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Of these Bridget was the wife successively of Ireton and Fleetwood, Elizabeth married John Claypole, Mary was wife of Thomas Belasyse, Lord Fauconberg; and Frances was the wife of Sir Robert Rich, and secondly of Sir John Russell.

Nicola di Bari (Bari, 1901); Charles Cahier, Caracteristiques des saints (Paris, 186 7), p. 354; Frances ArnoldForster, Studies in Church Dedications (London, 1899), i.

A collected edition of his works was published in England by Frances Power Cobbe (14 vols., 1863-1870), and another - the Centenary edition - in Boston, Mass., by the American Unitarian Association (14 vols., 1907-1911); a volume of Theodore Parker's Prayers, edited by Rufus Leighton and Matilda Goddard, was published in America in 1861, and a volume of Parker's West Roxbury Sermons, with a biographical sketch by Frank B.

Montpellier; the Brfilarts succeeded Cond, and having, like de Luynes, neglected Frances foreign interests, they had to give place to La Vieuville; while this latter was arrested in his turn for having sacrificed the interests of the English Catholics in the negotiations regarding the marriage of Henrietta of France with the prince of Wales.

JOHN COLERIDGE PATTESON (1827-1871), English missionary, bishop of Melanesia, was born in London on the 1st of April 1827, the eldest son of Sir John Patteson, justice of the King's Bench, and Frances Duke Coleridge, a near relative of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

In 1852 Thomson married Margaret, daughter of Walter Crum of Thornliebank, who died in 1870; and in 1874 he married Frances Anna, daughter of Charles R.

He died in 1787, at an opportune moment for himself; though he had temporarily raised Frances position in Europe, his work was soon ruined by the very means taken to secure its successes: warfare and armaments had hastened the hideous bankruptcy.