Sentence Examples with the word Fran

His gloomy experiences of student life are reflected in a series of sketches named after two districts of Upsala, Fran Fjerdingen och Svartbacken (1877), which aroused great indignation at the time.

Among the many Gothic churches of Venice the largest are the Franciscan church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Fran (1250-1280), and the Dominican church of SS.

Accordingly, the syllogism appeared to him to be the rational process (wet X6yov), and the demonstrative syllogism fran inductively discovered principles to be science (Eirurrr7un).

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A melancholy interest surrounds the name of Victoria Benedictsson (Ernst Ahlgren, 1850-1889), who committed suicide in Copenhagen after achieving marked success with her sketches of humble life in Fran Shine, and with the more ambitious works Money and Marianne.

GUILLAUME THOMAS FRAN COIS RAYNAL (1713-1796), French writer, was born at Saint-Geniez in Rouergue on the 12th of April 1713.

Ljunggren in his Svenska vitterhetens hafder fran Gustaf dod (1818-1819; new ed.

He is mainly known as a collaborator with the learned historian, Erik Gustaf Geijer, in the great collection of Swedish folk-songs, Svenske folkirsor fran forntiden, 3 vols.

Good looking, except he uses Fran Tarkenton's barber.