Sentence Examples with the word Fours

Convallaria is lily of the valley; Aspidistra, native of the Himalayas, China and Japan, is a well-known pot plant; its flowers depart from the normal arrangement of the order in having the parts From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of in fours (tetraGustav Fischer.

The bear dropped down on all fours and growled at her offspring, who dashed back into the trees.

The asexual cells are immotile spores arising in fours in sporangia from superficial cells of the thallus.

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Escard, Fours electriques (1905); Les Industries electrochimiques (1907).

Upon noticing Jackson, the dog dropped to all fours and approached him slowly.

The parts of the flower are most frequently arranged in fives, or multiples of fives; for instance, a common arrangement is as follows, - five sepals, succeeded by five petals, ten stamens in two sets of five, and five or fewer carpels; an arrangement in fours is less frequent, while the arrangement in threes, so common in monocotyledons, is rare in dicotyledons.

Et les cent fours a Gand (1898).

He hit the floor on all fours and snapped at the hen as she rolled by.

Conidia (basidiospores) borne in fours on a special conidiophore, the basidium.

This tendency is common in adults as well as in children; the strokes of a clock may, for instance, be grouped into fours, and thus eleven is represented as two fours and three.