Sentence Examples with the word Forwarded

The coarse-grained grey Rumanian caviare is forwarded to Berlin, and there blended with Russian caviare.

This view was accepted by the Society, and a copy of the lecture was forwarded to all similar associations in Europe.

From 1843 in 1868 the Servian government undertook the carriage of letters in Servia itself, while the Austro-Hungarian consulate in Belgrade forwarded correspondence to and from central and western Europe.

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The messages and information she'd discovered had been forwarded to Mr. Tim.

My call was forwarded to a female with a mature sounding voice.

He forwarded all promising schemes to the organization.

Helen wrote a little letter, and, enclosing the manuscript, forwarded both by mail to Mr. Anagnos for his birthday.

Weather reports are constantly forwarded to the news stations.

He has forwarded me a letter from Boris.

Some specimens were ultimately forwarded to the superintendent of the botanic garden at Calcutta.