Sentence Examples with the word Fora

In each of these provincial fora the Roman magistrate, as is well known, was accustomed to pay all possible deference to the previously established common law of the district; and it was the privilege of every free subject to demand that he should be judged in accordance with the customs and usages of his proper forum.

Once more fora time there was a lull; but in the autumn of 892 (893) the final storm burst.

The Mese linked together the great fora of the city, - the Augustalon on the south of St Sophia, the forum of Constantine on the summit of the 2nd hill, the forum of Theodosius I.

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Retiring on the night of May 29, the troops that were to fall back upon Pria Fora lost their way in the dark and kept too far south, halting on Monte Ciove, the ridge that joins Pria Fora to Monte Novegno and Monte Brazome.

In that case the Clodius whose name the road bears, possibly C. Clodius Vestalis (c. 43 B.C.), was responsible for the construction of the first portion and of that from Florentia to Luca (and Luna), and the founder of the two Fora Clodii.

A desperate attack failed to retrieve the error, and Pria Fora remained in possession of the Austrians.