Sentence Examples with the word Fontana

Outside the town is the Fontana delle novantanove cannelle, a fountain with ninety-nine jets distributed along three walls, constructed in 1272.

The old castle, at one time the residence of the patriarchs of Aquileia, and now used as a prison, was erected by Giovanni Fontana in 1517 in place of the older one destroyed by an earthquake in 1511.

A map of Italy in the baptistery of St Peter at Rome has occasionally been described as a relief, though it is merely a rude outline map of Italy, by Carlo Fontana (1698), carved into a convex surface.

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It has many picturesque medieval towers and other edifices (the Palazzo degli Alessandri is perhaps the most interesting), for which indeed it is one of the best towns in central Italy, and some elegant fountains; among the latter may be mentioned the Gothic Fontana Grande (1279, restored in 1424) and Fontana della Rocca by Vignola (1566).

The nucleus was definitely recognized in the plant cell by Robert Brown in 1831, but its presence had been previously indicated by various observers and it had been seen by Fontana in some animal cells as early as 1781.

The remains visible at Clastidium are scanty; there is a fountain (the Fontana d'Annibale), and a Roman bridge,.

To the east of the town is the Fontana del Rosello, which supplied the town with water before the construction of the aqueduct, the water being brought up in small barrels by donkeys.

In front of it is the fine 16th-century Fontana Medina.

Hitherto no attempt had been made to determine what particular parts of the body were especially affected by drugs, but Fontana showed, in his great work (Florence, 1765) on the venom of the viper and on other poisons, that the general symptoms were brought about by an action on particular organs.

In 1646 Fontana described a microscope which had a positive eyepiece.