Sentence Examples with the word Fontaine

And The Canadian Folk Singer, Though In A Land Of Myriad Springs, Still Goes A La Claire Fontaine Of His Ancestral Fancy; While The Lullabies His Mother Sang Him, Like The Love Songs With Which He Serenades His Blonde, Were Nearly All Sung Throughout The Normandy Of Le Grand Monarque.

All the more remarkable spirits of the time, like prophets in Israel, denounced a tyranny which put Chamillart at the head of the finances because he played billiards well, and Villeroy in command of the armies although he was utterly untrustworthy; which sent the patriot Vauban into disgrace, banished from the court Catinat, the Pre Ia Pense, exiled to Cambrai the too clear sighted Fnelon, and suspected Racine of Jansenism and La Fontaine of independence.

Then, again, La Fontaine seldom, if ever, appeals to our highest moral sense.

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Lee -- Matthew Fontaine Maury was forced into a position where he had to leave the career he had worked a lifetime in and go defend his family and home.

La Fontaine dedicated to her his novel Belphegor, and Boileau immortalized her in verse.

Of Fontaine Notre Dame to the Douai-Cambrai road N.E.

MATTHEW FONTAINE MAURY (1806-1873), American naval officer and hydrographer, was born near Fredericksburg in Spottsylvania county, Virginia, on the 24th of January, .1806.

Cleared Fontaine Notre Dame and the 4th Sailly and were then held up for the time being in front of the Marcoing line, which, however, was completely cleared later in the evening by a renewed attack.

Now, so far as I can judge, self-love is the root of all evil; but, of course, I may be wrong, for La Fontaine had greater opportunities of observing men than I am likely ever to have.

And the lower storey of the left wing of the Cour de la Fontaine are the work of the same architect, who also rebuilt the two-storeyed Chapelle St Saturnin.