Sentence Examples with the word Folkland

Evidently folkland was not free from the payment of gafal (land tax) and providing quarters for the king's men.

Another theory was started by Professor Vinogradoff in an article on folkland in the English Hist.

The incidents recorded in the charters characterize folkland as subject to ordinary fiscal burdens and to limitations in respect of testamentary succession.

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These estates remained subject to the superior ownership of the folk and of the king: they could eventually be taken back by the latter and, in any case, the heir of a holder of folkland had to be confirmed in possession by the king.

Allen thought that folkland was similar to the Roman ager publicus: it was the common property of the nation (folc), and the king had to dispose of it by carving out dependent tenures for his followers more or less after the fashion of continental beneficia.

Thane Wallaf has to be relieved from fiscal exactions when his estate is converted from folkland into bookland (c.o.

In ealdorman Alfred's will the testator disposes freely of his bookland estates in favour of his sons and his daughter, but to a son who is not considered as rightful offspring five hides of folkland are left, provided the king consents.

It considers folkland as landownership by folkright - at common law, as might be said in modern legal speech.

It is probable that folkland is meant in two or three cases when Latin documents speak of terra rei publicae jure possessa.

Ealdorman Alfred's son, not being recognized as legitimate, has to claim folkland not by direct succession or devise, but by the consent of the king.