Sentence Examples with the word Fluctuated

By 1890 imports had risen to 790,261 pounds, and thereafter fluctuated greatly, standing at only 473,598 pounds in 1893, but at 1,017,238 pounds in 1897, and 1,382,352 in 1901, but under abnormal conditions in 1904 this last amount was nearly doubled.

The value of foreign trade of the open ports has fluctuated considerably, but has shown a tendency to increase on the whole.

They attempted to rule by aid of the Socialists, but their power fluctuated as the demands of the Socialists became greater.

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Weekly average prices of English wheat in 1898 fluctuated between 48s.

In the period 1875-1905 the area of beans in the United Kingdom fluctuated between 574,414 acres in 1875 and 230,429 acres in 1897, and that of peas between 318,410 acres in 1875 and 155,668 acres in 1901.

Amongst the nomadic Ugrians and agricultural Slays of the north their frontier fluctuated widely, and in its zenith Khazaria extended from the Dnieper to Bolgari upon the middle Volga, and along the eastern shore of the Caspian to Astarabad.

During the same period the critical estimates of the poet have fluctuated in a truly extraordinary manner.

Exports in 1890 were valued at 591,746 pounds; they also fluctuated greatly, falling to 316,072 pounds in 1893, but standing at 863,828 in 1901, and having a further increase in some subsequent years.

The average output of petroleum annually in1900-1905was 120,000,000 gallons; this, again, has fluctuated greatly.

The boundaries of Pisidia, like those of most of the inland provinces or regions of Asia Minor, were not clearly defined, and appear to have fluctuated at different times.