Sentence Examples with the word Flouted

Thus the two great houses of Orsini and Colonna, who had long fought for predominance in Rome and often flouted the pope's authority, were subjugated, and a great step achieved towards consolidating the Borgia's power.

He flouted life and all philosophies but the Cynic in light compositions, partly in prose and partly in verse.

Erasmus never flouted at religion nor even at theology as such, but only at blind and intemperate theologians.

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The Zealots' zeal for the Law and the Temple was flouted by their pro-Roman king.

But Richard wds tactless; he openly flouted his two uncles, John of Gaunt and Thomas of Woodstock, and took no pains to conciliate either the baronage or the commons.

Ignored and flouted by the kings ministers, who had sent him into a kind of honorable banishment as lord-lieutenant of Ireland, and had forbidden him to re-enter the realm.